Hair Colors

Humans have been bestowed upon by Almighty Allah with marvelous blessings and sometimes these prove instrumental in shaping physical appearance and image of an individual before others. Hair colors are also among these which indeed leave an impact upon others as regard to an individual in terms of movement with prevailing fashion and trends at national and international levels. Hair colors are basically pigmentation owing to dual types of follicles and among these one is eumelanin and other pheomelanin. Later describes the if its quantity is more then the color of hair is dark and level of melanin also determines the impact of a change in color of hair with the course of time. It is generally believed that hair colors have a direct relationship with ethnic division across the globe and to large extent same is acceptable. Fischer –Saller scale is associated with estimation of shades of hair color. Dark brown, light blond, red blond and dark blond are various titles which are commonly used under scale as mentioned earlier. It is estimated that natural hair is black, brown, red, white and blond and hair colors include various shades of orange, green, cyan and blue. Black hair is the most prominent category of hair colors and it may include further jet black, blue-black, red black and brown-black. Grey, white, Auburn and other categories of colors have their own respective dimensions and these are largely determined owing to ethnic divide and respective environments where individuals belong.
It is observed that people who belong to Asia have mostly black hair and also a combination of brown, red and other aspects in particular when discussions make their ways towards residents of South East Asian countries. In Pakistan and India people have mostly black hair with little or no effect of other colors owing to warm climate and effect of food which also affects growth and stability of hair apart from ethnic divide. People in Europe, Australia, America and other parts of the world excluding Africa have normally dark brown, blond, red and Aubum hair colors. Residents of Africa have curly hair and sometimes strange shaped owing to extreme hot climatic conditions and also other environmental factors. The behavior of genes over the course of an age of person determines color of hair and same may vary even with those whose hair is black at the time of birth. Such natural process under which hair color is changed in technical terms is referred to as Achromotrichia. It is generally believed that stress also plays an important role in changing hair color and process of Achromotrichia may happen before time. Researchers believe that hormone Cortisol aggregates in a human hair over the course of time but such aspect is still debated and no conclusive agreement has been reached so far over it.
Medical research also strongly believe in the fact that food plays important role in changing hair color and weak diet plan may lead to thinner and lighter hair color which can be easily managed with proper health and nutritional plans. In 1996 British Medical Journal study depicted the fact that smoking factor also leads to change in hair color. Researchers also believe that after death hair colors are changed after viewing signs of these on Egyptian mummies whose hair color became reddish owing to less chemical stability of Eumelanin present in hair. Rinses and various other techniques are normally applied to change hair color depending upon needs and circumstances respectively.


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