Pendragon and Caine Riordan Series

D.J. Mac Hale is considered as the author of Pendragon a series of fictional books which explain the aspects which are related to time and space and such were published in earlier 2002 to 2009 and subsequently gained popularity among the masses owing to in-depth research and methodologies which were adopted by author so as to impress readers at large. D.J. Mac Hale has very interesting history since from early childhood he started taking interest in articulating his writing abilities that proved instrumental in shaping his image among prolific writers across the masses at the later stage. His teacher at college proved a strong witness who paved his way towards writing career that named him in future as shining star even among Hollywood stars in a brilliant manner.

Besides such series, such author also disseminated another literary masterpiece under the name Morpheus Road which still is recognized as preferred and memorable collection among book lovers in a quite distinctive manner. Such author has rendered various masterpieces among which prominent are Chris Cross, Tower of Terror, Seasonal Differences, East of the Sun and West of the Moon, The Monster Princess and many of these have been presented in the form of TV series, movies, and book series. All such aspects clearly demark the fact that such author has proved his mettle and ensured sound position among literary circles.

Pendragon is considered as one of the finest and unique masterpieces of D.J. Mac Hale since it includes the fact that a teenager owing to his curiosity moved for time and space that could convince him as regards to reasons for the extinction of ten territories in the universe. The popularity of such series can be judged from the fact that nearly million copies of it have been sold so far and still its demand persists among masses. Each book in such series focuses on the reason of war which happened for each territory. The passion of a teenager could not continue for long and under fictitious names which have been mentioned in such series in the third form also depict scenario close to reality and names of friends of adventurist have been mentioned as Mark Diamond, Bobby, and Courtney Chetwynde. All of these characters have been presented in different forms so as to highlight their role in terms of adventure covered under such series.

Books which have been covered under such series include The Merchant of Death (2001), The Lost City of Faar (2001), The Pilgrims of Rayne (2007) and The Soldiers of Halla (2009). Most of the novels which have been covered under such series cover aspects related to wars in territories and suspicion inherent in the mind of adventurist as regard to the fact that how these were abolished from the map of the world. Various social, political, technological and economic aspects and challenges were faced by the characters which have been mentioned in the fiction. Many of the books in such series have also gained public acceptance when these were published in New York Times.
Charles E Gannon is one of the prominent names in the history of USA has played his role towards novels and game designs and still reckoned as one of the unique and renowned names in novel writing that attract masses in a quite distinctive manner. Such author has disseminated various masterpieces which include Hard Times (1991), 1632 Series, The Papal Stakes (2012), The Vatican Sanction (2015) and Commander Cantrell in the West Indies (2014). Among many of the novels which have been written by such author two I-e Fire with Fire and Trial by Fire gained massive attention when these were nominated for Nebula Award for Best Novel (both in 2014 and 2015 on a consecutive basis.)

Caine Riordan is one of the masterpieces of Charles that have pocketed Nebula Awards and prominent books under such series are Raising Caine, Trial by Fire and Fire with Fire. These books have explained in a quite varied manner aspect which is related to powerful military officials, prospects of future wars, Marine’s rise and the decision of empire holding through the bloody war that leads towards historic moments in quite distinguished manner. Such aspects clearly demarcate facts in relation to the curiosity of warrior I-e Marine who raised to fame after conquering the opponent in a remarkable manner. Call to Arms book under such series covers aspects related to two damaged war places that eventually resulted in savior of the fleet from complete annihilation during war times. Red Team Alpha which is also one of the prominent names in this series cover aspects related to Crimson World where out of twenty warriors Mar’s was ranked as the bestowing to unique abilities to prove his abilities and courage in the battlefield against opponents.

Among many books which are covered by such series, there are also other prominent names like Merkiarri Wars which include the interesting story as regards to the common cause that can be achieved only owing to collaborative efforts and not by the selfish approach. Devan Chronicle Series and Battle Field Z are also among top niches which have added value towards the author. Among these two books, one is related to fight among children and father and all aspects in relation to these have been explained and highlighted in a very colorful and charming manner so as to attract readers. A love affair between Djinn and Curvy human female has also been explained in a very dramatic manner since monster lover was dependent upon human flesh for his natural needs but later situation urged him to move in a different direction. One other real aspect has been explained in a sense of other natural need which envisages the presence of the companion in life and at one-time Djinn is under the grip of two challenges.
These have gained massive popularity among the masses owing to sense of adventurism and concern for loyalty, faith, commitment, valor, emotions for opposite sex and all these have been widely explained and covered under literary masterpieces of Charles E Gannon and in particular Caine Riordan series have indeed pocketed multiple aspects that can urge even those towards reading who show little or no concern towards reading owing to other commitments. Such series of books have indeed provided insight to masses as regard to concern for books and activities that can enhance mental agility and creativity element respectively.

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