Top 10 virtual reality games on iphone that will make your world upside down


Smart technologies and smartphones have become an integral part of everyone’s life. With the tremendous improvement in the technology, we have achieved many milestones and proved our existence. There was a time in our country when it all started with a small handset with the limited number of buttons which included alphabets and numbers. But as we all know in the world of technology there is the huge and unlimited number of possibilities that can be experienced by the users and technocrats.
There was a time in the country when the phone was exclusively used for conversations with the loved ones staying far from us and at that point of time the computers were used to run the heavy and complicated software. The computers were an indispensable tool which was used in the laboratory but with the advancement in the technology, there has been a very unusual change which has been noted in the recent times.
They have started using computers to talk and smartphones to run the heavy and complicated software. This unusual change has become a game changer and the biggest turning point for the technocrats and the of course for the users around the globe. This transformation of the phone into a portable registering stage with voice capacities is typified by the iPhone — one of the new species of smartphone that isn’t just well known among the overall population however apparently universal among researchers around the globe.

There were many smartphones with similar capabilities but with the launching of Apple app store in the year 2008 has proved a game changer for the iPhone users. The glossy device with a feathered touch has become a center of attraction for the users of Apple around the globe. Launching the device was not at all sufficient for the researchers. The genius minds from the world of technology have started thinking something next to impossible and have tried to challenge the realities of the real world.
The researchers have taken a step ahead and stepped their feet in the world of virtual reality and have decide to give goosebumps to the users of iPhone. Playing games on iPhone is going to be the most thrilling experience for the users of iPhone, as you start playing your world will get upside down and give you a feel of reality.
The launching of this technology has surely opened a new world of possibilities in the world of the gaming industry. The launching of this technology has recorded an exponential growth in the numbers of game freaks, and on the other side, it is also helping organizations/institutions and researchers to take their work on new heights. Especially in the gaming and the entertainment industry, the virtual reality has become a hot cake that all of them are talking about.
No matter whether you are watching movies, videos, or racing with the motorbike it will give you the thrill of 360 degrees and will take inside the scenario. Let’s unreveal the surprise and take you through some of the best virtual reality games that are creating an insanity among the gamers.

(1.) VR Roller Coaster

Have you ever experienced this thrilling ride ?if not then try this for a while I bet you will love the ups and downs of this. With the headsets attached it will give you butterflies in your stomach and you will feel as if you have come to Disney land or Water Park to enjoy the thrill.

(2.) Zombie Shooters

Have you ever fought with zombies, their weird face scares everyone if you want to settle an account with them then take the gun and kill them. The headsets will take you near to them and give you nightmares. You will have to stay alert and look for shoot controls while you play this game on VR headsets. The hunt will start from the tunnels and open the mysteries with the progress in the game.

(3.) InCell

Have you ever imagined that what would happen if you could get small enough to get into the human body? The simple objective of the game is you have to race and collect some objects to complete the objective of the game, you will definitely fall in love with the game and it’s graphics.

(4.) Final Kick

This is one of the most popular games which is widely played around the globe if you have a good team and you can goal points for your team then get ready to experience the thunder. The game is designed with different modes of kick and challenges to test your reflexes. The player has to take a curvy kick to hit the moving target.

(5.) Firefly Rescue

This is one of the games which has been designed to let the gamers fall in love with this game. The player has to navigate and control the flies as well as collect the powers to end the enemies. As you progress in the game you will collect coins and fly at a high speed, later on, the game will go to rainbow mode to thrill you.

(6.) End Space

If you love to be fighter pilot then this is a game for you and your aircraft is waiting for you. Take the control of spaceship fully equipped with guns and missiles. Flying will give you 360-degree experience and a feel of real warfare. With the progress in the game, your aircraft will be upgraded with new arms and ammunition to take down the enemy.

(7.) Romans From Mars 360

You are a Roman soldier who is responsible to save the planet from the attacks of aliens. You have special powers to kill the enemies in the form of arrows, fire, ice, and lightning. The upgrading of weapons has made this more addictive and best for game freaks to play this game.

(8.) Fractal Combat

The virtual reality is taking you as a fighter pilot in the sky, the gamers can fulfill their desire to fly high in the sky and kill the enemies. You will get new missions every day and MFi controllers are supported to enhance the gaming experience.

(9.) The Climb

The game is divided into two parts, one part is gaming part and another part is experience part. If you love to climb the highest peaks in the world then this is one of the games which is best suited for you.

(10.) Apollo 11 Experience 

You will become an astronaut and land on the moon in this, the historical missions will take you to the heights of the space and land on the moon. You will experience the space, the galaxies the satellites and much more stuff during the landing missions.

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